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Orlando Dining Guide: B&B Junction

You’d think with both BurgerFi and 310 on Park Avenue, Rollins students would be pretty covered in terms of their burger needs. Both might soon become obsolete; the new burger joint, B&B Junction, makes them both look like highway rest-top Burger Kings. Located where 4Rivers used to be, the restaurant has been transformed by the new owners into a health and ecologically-minded taste-stomper with some of the best burgers, fries, wings and smoothies I’ve ever tasted. It’s worth the lengthy walk, bike, or five minute drive—you have to check this place out.

B&B Junction offers a “farm-to-table” approach, meaning that if it’s on the menu, it’s locally grown or made and 100% organic. Those wary after watching documentaries like Food Inc. will love this place. They have a map showing where all of their meat, cheese and produce comes from around Florida and some of the stuff on their menu is insane. Last time I went I had their spicy burger, which had, amongst other things, ghost chili cheese and roasted poblano-bacon jam on it. I sometimes catch myself longingly looking out windows thinking about my next rendezvous with my new love. But I digress.

The menu is loaded with a variety of options: almost a dozen different traditional burgers (big ones too, not those two-mouthfuls that BurgerFi tries to sell as “satisfying”), another dozen alternative burgers (such as turkey, chicken and vegetarian), hot wings with two alternate sauces, and a plethora of different fries, such as sweet potato, salt and pepper, chili, and Portobello mushroom fries (which I tried and immediately experienced nirvana upon first bite). They have a host of unique and enticing beers and their homemade sorbet smoothies are incredible. Everything has a unique taste to it and you can tell how much care and preparation goes into each meal. After my first visit, it immediately became my new favorite restaurant in Winter Park, just narrowly beating TAPS in Winter Park Village.

It’s casual, delicious, filling, inexpensive and healthy. If it was open 24/7 it’d be the god of college-town restaurants. Do your tongue and belly a favor and haul yourself over to B&B Junction. My recommendation: get the Portobello mushroom fries and the mango-sorbet smoothie. You’ll have a food-high for the rest of the day.

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