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The Park Ave experience


Trees break up the severity of the mid-morning sun beating down on the pavement as passersby stroll down the street, some walking dogs, some stopping to chat with a familiar face seated outside a small cafe, and some carrying paper bags printed with dedicate lettering as they move from shop to shop.

This is an average day on Park Avenue, our own little heaven waiting just across the road.

Park Avenue carries a certain New York City feel, but it still clings to Florida’s unique style, creating a thoroughly unique blended experience of high fashion and quaint comfort. Several shops seem to exemplify this style, including Charyli, Forema Boutique, Tuni, and Violet Clover.

All of these stores carry that same local but trendy flare that Park Avenue is known for, and all of them are guaranteed to provide a pleasant and successful shopping experience. Other great stores on Park Avenue are Cottonways, Eileen Fisher, Lilly Pulitzer, and Gap. And, for the guys, Current carries a large variety of great clothes.

In addition to great clothing stores, Park Avenue is also home to several amazing cafés and restaurants, such as Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen, the Bistro on Park Avenue, Tropical Smoothie Café, Uni Japanese Restaurant, the Briarpatch Restaurant, and at least a dozen others.
Park Avenue also has several ice cream and candy stores in addition to several wonderful bakeries if you are ever in the mood for sweets.
On Park Avenue you can also find Kendall & Kendall Hair Color Studio, Bella Ella Salon and Day Spa, Gary Lambert Salon, and several other wonderful salons and spas.

Another great aspect of Park Avenue is the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art where you can spend the afternoon or even the whole day exploring all of the beautiful art housed in this amazing gallery. Morse Gallery displays wonderful two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of art, including the most comprehensive collection of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s works in the world, including the Tiffany Chapel.

Park Avenue has everything you could ask for, from wonderful dining options to a unique shopping experience, to museums and galleries to explore. In every way, it is a lovely way to spend your day, or even just a few hours of free time.

This Saturday will be the kid’s Trick or Treat on Park Avenue, from 10-2 p.m. Small children wearing costumes will get treats from the different stores on Park.

There is always something new to discover, and a wonderful experience is always sure to ensue, even when you are just going for a short walk down the road. As a whole, Park Avenue is charming.

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