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Pauly D Disappoints at Roxy

Jersey Shore took over Orlando’s Club Roxy on Thursday, Oct. 21, but for a ‘limited time only’. Rollins was abuzz with the news that Pauly D, pop culture icon and guido extraordinaire, was said to be DJing at the local club. The usual Facebook event invitations were sent out, but instead of students getting excited for another Thursday night on the town they were shocked with the over $30 cover price for general admission and $40 for VIP. The event’s page stated that Pauly was a $20,000 DJ and that the cost would include an exclusive meet and greet after his performance. This opportunity to meet the famed reality star definitely sweetened the pot for some and was the primary reason many dropped at least $30 for a ticket.

Roxy was filled almost to capacity that Thursday night, and the fans inside were filled with excitement as the clock ticked closer and closer to his arrival. The clock kept ticking though, and ticking and ticking and ticking, until he arrived fashionably late at around 12:45 a.m. Not only were many attendees annoyed with Pauly’s late arrival, but his approximately five-minute long intro and seemingly pre-mixed music sets were not appreciated either, especially because he was only in the building for what seemed to be less than an hour.

“It was very exciting seeing Pauly D, and he did a very good job, but he started 45 minutes late and left as soon as his set was over. Overall, I did have a good time, but I do not know if was worth the cost of the ticket,” said Mary Mackey ’14, who was one of the few Rollins students who actually trekked out to Roxy that night.

Perhaps the biggest let down of the night was the fact that Pauly D did not stay for the meet and greet that was promised to ticket holders by promoters. “I was not happy that he left in such a rush because I know that my friends and I only endured the crowds to get his autograph, take a picture or something,” said Peyton White ‘14. For die-hard Jersey Shore fans it probably did not matter that he only stayed for a short time, but more about being able to tell their kids some day that they were there when Snooki’s friend Pauly D DJed at their favorite college hang out.

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