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Police Tase Rollins Student

On Jan. 13, the Winter Park Police Department was dispatched to the Boathouse Restaurant and Drake’s Bar after it was reported that fake I.D.s were being sold and underage kids drank in the bar. Two officers responded at the scene and stood outside the building when they noticed a Rollins student who appeared to be drunk; the girl’s eyes were bloodshot, her speech slurred, and she was unsteady on her feet. She also looked underage.

The officers approached her and asked if she had been drinking, which she denied. They then asked her to leave, but she refused. When they asked for identification from her, she turned and ran. One officer chased after her, asking her to stop twice. He warned her that he would use his electronic control device (Taser), on her. Since she did not stop, he employed his Taser and took her into custody.

Because the incident happened outside the bar, the police actually had to go inside and alert the manager of what happened. Drake’s had the following to say: “We want our security to be as tough as possible… the only reason why he had to tase her was because she ran away.”

Ken Miller, director of Campus Security, also weighed in on the subject. “It is difficult to comment because it didn’t happen on campus and none of my staff were there.” However, he also added that, “anytime a person receives a direction from the police, it’s best for the person to follow that direction.”

Miller’s main mantra was for a person in a similar situation to remain smart and use common sense, especially when the police are involved. He recommended that people not put themselves into a position like the girl was in and therefore, there will be no opportunity for trouble to occur.

The student in question has not yet been able to comment on the situation and the police officer did not return calls.

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