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Paragon Prom Déjà Vu

This semester JUMP is once again changing people’s lives; key among their projects is the partnering with the Paragon School in Central Florida. Opened in 2007, the Paragon School was approved in 2011 by the Florida Kindergarten Council.

What makes the Paragon School so special is that it’s a direct response to the lack of schools that specialize in helping educate children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome. The school provides a program of academic instruction centered on social skills development, brain-based learning methods and Christian values education.

By giving the children dancing lessons through the upcoming months, JUMP will be giving the children of the Paragon School an opportunity to host their very own prom. JUMP student coordinator Melissa Looby ‘14 recalls: “If there is one thing I cherish most from my high school years, it’s the nostalgia from my junior and senior proms. If I had missed out on the opportunity to celebrate with my closest friends, my experience wouldn’t have been as memorable. This prom will be an incredible experience for the students of the Paragon School. I encourage all students and faculty of Rollins to join us in making this night truly a night to remember for these extraordinary students.”
Personally knowing Melissa, I can assure readers that this will be an amazing experience for the students of the Paragon School, who, without JUMP and the help of the Rollins community, might not have had the opportunity of going and having such a memorable night.

If you want to get involved with this great event there are several opportunities. You can volunteer at the actual event by emailing Taylor Wejkszner at with the subject line of ‘Paragon Prom Volunteer.’ Another opportunity to volunteer is by participating in JUMP’s Five-Minute Difference on April 4th, in which you will be contributing your five minutes to make a special decoration for the event. Remember that it is only five minutes out of your day around lunchtime, and we realize how busy everyone is during classes, but remember that in those five minutes you will be personally contributing to this experience, an impact that will last in the students’ hearts forever.

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