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Remedying Post-Midterm Apathy

The wrath of midterms has passed and the first semester is slowly, but surely, coming to a close. While students were once eager to tackle the semester, they are presently drained of academic energy. Building up to fall break, an epidemic of Post-Midterm Apathy unravelled and a lack of motivation proved to be a difficult illness to fight off.

The combination of demanding classes, extracurricular activities and part-time jobs can unhinge even the most talented multi-tasker. Study time turns into a status update extravaganza. Instead of reading a chapter, a staring contest between students and textbooks emerges.

Overwhelmed Tars feel time is slipping away and a discouraging workload only encourages distraction. One may vow to write that English paper, but watching an entire season of Modern Family is clearly a better alternative. And one may promise to start that lab work, but shopping online for the latest fall attire takes precedence.

Once one acknowledges this declining enthusiasm, it is only reasonable to set goals. This uninspired phase necessitates a remedy to recharge and reclaim one’s productive drive. To defeat Post-Midterm Procrastination, here is some helpful advice:

Get Organized: Make a to-do list based on priorities and deadlines. Having one due date for an assignment is an invitation to procrastinate. Time-lining assignments will provide space for delays and create an urgency to act.

Set Limits: Determine how long it takes to accomplish a given task. Quick tasks can be completed on a current day. For longer tasks, divide the assignment into separate parts and focus on one part at a time.

Change Surroundings: Environment impacts productivity. If the library does not inspire action or if a dorm causes drowsiness, it is time for a new venue. To revamp one’s motivation, find a place that is secluded or effective.

Pick a buddy: Safety in numbers is a reliable alternative. Being surrounded by individuals who share similar goals encourages accountability when steering off-track from goals.

Give Rewards: Begin working with a reward in mind; it can be as big as achieving a long-term aspiration or as small as going out with friends.

No matter what the method, overcoming Post-Midterm Apathy is a matter of doing. Complaining about assignments or refusing to complete them does not produce a result; the key is a commitment to take action.

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