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Rollins community rallies against sexual violence

Photo Credit : Scott Cook
Photo Credit : Scott Cook

The second-annual Rollins Rally Against Violence, the kickoff event to Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April, took place on April 5. Several student organizations, including Panhellenic and Voices for Women, gathered on Bush lawn to rally against sexual violence.

Students took pledges not only to abstain from participating in sexual violence, but also to be active bystanders when sexual violence could be occurring. The fraternities and sororities on campus led the pledges, as well as campus safety.

Addressing Sexual Assault Awareness Month, President Cornwell discussed the importance of taking the pledge and understanding the severity of sexual assault. Additionally, a preacher from Knowles Chapel came forward to emphasize the importance of respecting the victims of sexual assault, and asked for a moment of silence to remember survivors.

Blue ribbons were pinned to the shirts of almost everyone there, representing sexual assault awareness. In addition to the pledges, organizations voiced their support of sexual assault awareness and those who have endured it.

Student Government Association President CJ Dunn reminded everyone of the facts and figures concerning sexual assault; one in four women will be sexually assaulted while in college.

Overall, the event proved to be very informative. Rollins showed its respect not only by supporting survivors, but also by understanding that education is central to decreasing instances of sexual assault.

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