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Rollins lacks faculty and resources to continue hybrid courses

Graphic by Francisco Wang Yu

Rollins administration chose to opt out of online learning for Fall 2021. 

According to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Dr. Susan Singer, this decision was made because the potential risks of continuing with a hybrid model outweighed the benefits. 

“We learned from last year that students want to be on campus learning in person with each other and their faculty members who are delighted to welcome them back,” said Singer. “Hybrid learning was less than optimal for everyone. We simply lack the faculty and resources to offer both in-person and virtual versions of our courses.”

While Rollins has committed to an exclusively in-person model for classes, Singer said there are accommodations in place for students who are legitimately unable to attend an in-person class for reasons such as needing to quarantine or isolate in the event of exposure or contraction of COVID-19. 

Singer said that “joining virtually is among the options” for these students. Singer also said that other options for quarantined students include, but are not limited to, taking audio recordings of class, appointing dedicated notetakers, and publishing slide presentation materials used in lectures to Canvas.

When asked whether Rollins might reconsider its current stance on Webex classes, Singer said that she is confident in the Rollins community’s ability to navigate challenges while keeping everyone safe during in-person learning. 

“Over the last one-and-a-half years, we have not had a single case of transmission of COVID-19 in a classroom. If we can all persist in wearing our masks indoors and socially distancing, we have a very good chance to continue learning together in person,” Singer said.

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