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Rollins welcomes alumni

Rollins College held Alumni Weekend on March 11-13. Reunions were held for sports teams, Greek organizations, and individual classes, including the Class of ’66, who is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year.

Current students and alumni alike were excited about the opportunity to meet and celebrate life at Rollins—past and present—over the weekend.

“Alumni Weekend is one of the best times at Rollins because it is the time you see the most Rollins spirit,” said volunteer Andrea Prather ’16.

According to the Rollins website, alumni had the opportunity to make a Rollins Story video throughout the weekend. Participants were encouraged to share their stories of life at Rollins.

The What’s Your Story? program asked alumni to share their favorite Rollins story, advice they would give to their first-year self, and a choice they made at Rollins that ultimately shaped them as a person. These stories are available on the Rollins website.

For alumni who were unable to attend, the 21st Annual Grove Party and “A Conversation with President Cornwell” were documented online; they can be found on the Rollins Twitter.

Photo by Natalie Hayes
Photo by Natalie Hayes

During his talk held on Saturday morning, President Cornwell discussed his own college experience and the future of liberal arts education at Rollins.

He also mentioned his upcoming inauguration, to be held on April 9.

Other celebrations of alumni weekend included a faculty recital, an afternoon on Park Avenue, campus tours, and many more events centered in school spirit.

Awards were also presented to some influential alumni.

Prather commented, “Alumni old and new are always so excited to be back on campus. I’m always honored and grateful to be able to hear about their time at Rollins and why they chose Rollins as their second home.

“As a senior, it makes me reminisce about my time and all that Rollins has taught me as I begin to start my new journey into the ‘real world.’”

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