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Safety concerns prominent on campus

Since the Fall 2022 semester began, Campus Safety has noted three cases of sexual assault in compliance with the Clery Act, making the need for awareness regarding campus safety essential. 

“Broadly, 32789, which includes the Rollins campus, is quite safe,” said Director of Campus Safety Ken Miller. “However, it is always wise to reduce your risk by following some of the tried-and-true advice: go with friends; if you feel uncomfortable, leave; always try to have an ‘out;’ stay off your phone while walking; and utilize our escort system on campus.” 

Rollins has worked to make changes that will help improve campus safety. This includes installing CCTV cameras, implementing access control, and adding communication technology where it is seen fit. The most significant changes according to Miller, however, are the ongoing training within the Campus Safety department as well as across campus while working closely with off-campus partners. 

When dealing with sexual assault cases, the fundamental element of Campus Safety’s policy is ensuring that the student is connected to resources and the appropriate staff members on campus that can provide support.

“[W]e offer a long list of reporting options, both on and off campus, medical options, and counseling options for the person to choose from, recognizing that everyone is different in their response,” said Miller. “Much of our time is spent connecting the person to these resources and making sure the appropriate staff on campus are made aware of what took place so they can get engaged and provide support in the weeks and months that follow.”

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