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Sandspur Senior Goodbye: Caitlyn Patel

Writing a farewell letter for The Sandspur feels a bit surreal. Although I have only been a part of the staff for a couple of years now, the weekly routine of writing headlines on Monday and creating graphics on Tuesday feels like muscle memory. So, while I am thrilled to be graduating and moving on from Rollins, I cannot help but reminisce about all that I have gained from this publication.

Whether designing print layouts and online graphics, writing headlines and captions, or overseeing and aiding other designers, my time at The Sandspur has allowed me to grow tremendously as both a designer and a leader. Although I was, admittedly, a bit apprehensive about what I would be signing up for when I first applied to the design team as a sophomore, I am incredibly grateful for what I have learned from being a member of this team. Throughout the two years that I have spent on staff, I have had the privilege of working with so many talented and dedicated individuals, each of whom has impressed me with their knowledge and diligence.

I am especially thankful for Francisco Wang Yu, the former and upcoming Head Designer, and his commitment to this team. I am constantly in awe of Francisco’s creativity and work ethic, and I genuinely cannot think of a better person to have worked alongside. I am extremely lucky to have collaborated with such a gifted individual, and I cannot wait to see the amazing things he will do (and the beautiful graphics he will make) for this publication in the future.

Caitlyn Patel
Head Designer

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