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Sandspur Senior Goodbye: Heather Borochaner

After four years of working at The Sandspur and serving as Editor-In-Chief my final year, the time has come to say goodbye. It has been a struggle to figure out the proper way to do so.

Delivering news to students, faculty, and staff on this campus will always be one of the most memorable and important parts of my college career. I have seen The Sandspur elevate the voices of students, start discussions, and bring change to improve the campus environment.

This has always been the goal in running the publication. I am going to miss this historical newspaper dearly, but I know I am leaving the legacy of The Sandspur in capable hands.

The year had its share of difficulties for every member of the Rollins community. Despite the challenges, I saw firsthand the sacrifices people had to make to try to keep any degree of normalcy during a time when normalcy was simply impossible. 

Everyone is exhausted. I am exhausted. But I am also thankful for what leading a newspaper during a pandemic has taught me.

Find your voice, find your confidence. Being a Rollins student is about becoming a global leader. You learn to make educated decisions on your feet, to trust your instincts, and to trust those who are there to help you. There are so many resources at your disposal to be your boost or your safety net. Trust me, every little bit of information you learn will become relevant at some point.

Things are going to get better. This campus community will come out stronger for it, and that strength will go with us into the world beyond the realm of the Tars.

I am proud of everyone on this campus. And I have learned to be proud of myself, too.

Heather Borochaner

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