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Sandspur Senior Goodbye: Lauren Cardenas

Courtesy of Lauren Cardenas

I’m so grateful for my time with The Sandspur. I have learned so much about myself, have made beautiful connections, and have written pieces that I am so proud of. I wish that my time with these talented writers did not have to come to an end. The Sandspur has become a hidden gem for me. Afraid of the unknown, I was initially nervous to join, but I could not be happier that I did. I immediately felt so appreciated by the entire staff. 

If you love writing, do not hesitate to join. Anyone can be a writer! You will attend events and meet people that you might not have if it weren’t for The Sandspur! Live your college life to the fullest, and take as many chances as you can. It truly goes by in the blink of an eye, so hold on.  


Lauren Cardenas

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