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Sandspur Senior Goodbye: Nancy Butler

“Time flies when you’re having fun,” or so the expression says. It’s true: these past four years have gone by quicker than I’d like. Although I have been involved in many things while at Rollins, from studying abroad to dancing on the Sirens Dance Team, The Sandspur has truly connected me to campus. 

My role with The Sandspur has always been on the editing side; because of this, I have read every single article produced by the publication in the past two years. What I have learned is that our campus is a vibrant place where sports teams are constantly striving for their best, where students are not afraid to speak up against issues of injustice, and where students, faculty, and staff are dedicated to forward progress. I have also learned about the intricacies of journalism at a time when reliable media is more important than ever.

Although most of my time with The Sandspur has been remote, I’ve enjoyed working with a wonderful collection of hardworking students. In particular, Hannah Butcher, the current managing editor, has been a wonderful friend and mentor in all-things Sandspur, and I am excited to see how she will lead and better the publication next year.

Enjoy your time at Rollins, and get involved with as many things as you can (especially if it’s The Sandspur). You truly don’t know how great it is until it is (almost) gone!


Nancy Butler
Head Copy Editor

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