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Seniors’ “Semblance” inspires the audience

graphicsThe Senior Art Exhibition, otherwise known as “Semblance,” exhibited beautiful works of arts by nine talented emerging artists.

Ranging from installations, screen prints, drawings, paintings, and even an interactive piece, “Semblance” held spectacular and meaningful works. Each collection from each artist demonstrated the work, effort, and deep thought that was put into them, enabling viewers to genuinely connect to what these skilled artists were portraying through their art.

Many subjects throughout the exhibition touched on emotions, methods of communication, different cultures, and true and perceived identity. Some works were done with very personal influences—which welcomed the viewer to connect with the art on a relatable level—while others were done with a unique engagement toward societal trends and/or issues.

Two of the nine artists, Caroline Arrigoni ’16 and Danae Nunez ’16, demonstrated both culture and identity in their collections.

Arrigoni’s inspiration came from her home country of Brazil. She incorporated her country’s colorful culture and current economic situation to “demonstrate another world where happiness and optimism are abundant,” said Arrigoni.

Nunez, however, took more of a political standpoint in her series.

Inspired by her Mexican culture, she created a hard-hitting series focusing on stereotypical views made toward her culture in American society.
Overall, the Senior Art Exhibition was an experience like no other.

Credit is due to all of the artists who were not only responsible for their art but also in putting together the finest details of the exhibition—including the refreshments!

I encourage those of you who did not make it to this exhibition to visit these talented seniors’ final exhibition toward the end of the spring, when their work will be displayed in the Cornell Fine Arts Museum.

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