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Something’s Missing at Beans and Diane’s

You walk into the cafeteria and look around at the huge selection. Maybe your more of a coffee on the run person, so you hit up Diane’s Cafe right next to the library. If your freshman, you may think that the variety of food and beverages can’t get any better. (A sushi bar in the cafeteria? That’s just crazy!) However, any upperclassmen will tell you, there used to be a lot more. The cafeteria, as well as Diane’s, has cut down on their selection by a lot.

If you go to the cafeteria, you may notice that even some of the refrigerators are shut off . This is because of the cut backs. “Why would you need them anyway,” one student mentioned, “There is barely a selection of drinks any more. I don’t like to drink soda so therefore my choices are water, milk or Gatorade.” More and more students are opting for the Grille option everyday. Even if you look at some areas of the cafeteria, you will see what I like to call dead space. I have even seen pizza run out early or the sandwich line never open. I, myself, would prefer a cheeseburger downstairs over the very limited selection of sushi, salad or specials.

However, the biggest drop has got to be over at Diane’s. One upperclassmen stated how mostly all of the warm food selections have been taken away. She mentioned that the soup they used to have was her favorite meal. Now, the main selection you have is a variety of Starbucks and sandwiches. They have also removed the Panera’s baked goods from Diane’s, which was once a highlight of what the whole campus had to offer.

Many Freshman may think they have it good because they can order Domino’s with their R-Card. However, as a freshman, it makes me think of all that we are missing. How will we ever reach the Freshman 15 with this short selection.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the wonderful soup at Diane’s I have heard so much about? I would love to go back to the times where the cafeteria was abundant with drinks and food.

Although the people that work in the cafeteria are some of the nicest people I have met so far, I want to complain that maybe I would like to have a fruit water or even the organic chocolate milk they sell downstairs at the C-Store. Maybe with time, I will be running to class with my soup and Panera’s from Diane’s.

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