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Spectrum’s Gayme Night

Thursday, Sept. 16, Spectrum continued its tradition of having good times with great people during its third meeting of the year. Now one of the largest student organizations on campus, Spectrum aims to ensure that its members are having fun while making a difference. The meeting began with a conversation about Spectrum’s newest community service initiative with the Zebra Coalition.

The Zebra Coalition is central Florida’s newest measure to advocate the safety and security of at-risk Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgdendered youth. It aims to help young people who have been displaced from their homes or who are experiencing crises because they are members of the LGBT community. Spectrum’s involvement is extremely important to this initiative. Members will be eligible for training to become Zebra Hotline volunteers, where LGBT youth call in when there is a crisis or when they just want to talk to someone. This initiative is extremely important because LGBT youth are at a much greater risk of bullying, harassment and suicide, while also having higher statistics of being displaced from their homes.

Spectrum aims to end the saddening statistics by doing its part in helping youth through activism and support. After the serious discussion, meeting attendees had fun with rousing games of Apples to Apples and Pretty Pretty Princess, with Taylor Sorrel ’14 being crowned winner.

For more information about Spectrum please contact Meghan Thomas at

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