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Student Profile: Aspen Fox


Pembroke Pines, Fla.


Critical Media and Cultural Studies

Random Fact:

Had my first alcoholic bev­erage on my 21st birthday, and I love the smell of beer.

What activities have you been involved with at Rollins over the years?

I have been involved with Rollins Explorations as a work study, peer mentor, student co­ordinator, and now a Special Projects coordinator. Currently I am president of Sutton Hall Council. I was vice president of marketing and then president of Hillel@Rollins, worked with All Campus Events and have held positions with Rollins Players and Rollins Democrats.

What was your favorite part of your experience at Rollins?

Moving away from home and going to school without knowing anyone was definitely a scary experience, but I have loved all of the opportunities I was have been given here. Working with Explorations has probably been my best and most significant experience at Rollins. As a peer mentor, I loved get­ting to meet all of the other peer mentors and incoming first-year students. It gave me an oppor­tunity to learn about others and help guide them, while learning about myself as well. As a stu­dent coordinator (my second time around), I was given the chance to plan and implement all of summer orientation. It was one of the scariest and best experiences here because I got to put all of the leadership tools that I learned at Rollins to use. Rollins has provided me with friends who have become my family and life-skills that I will always appreciate.

What should every student do before leaving Rollins?

Every student should get involved with something they are interested in, whether join­ing or starting a club, going to sporting events, or doing ran­dom, fun things around cam­pus. There is SOOO much to do here, so don’t waste any time. Four years goes by faster than you can imagine. Don’t be afraid to try things that are out of your comfort zone. I did and found out what amazing things Rol­lins has to enhance a student’s learning and social experience.

What do you plan to do after you graduate?

I am not quite sure yet. I am in the middle of applying to graduate schools and differ­ent types of jobs. As a senior, it is a scary point in the semester. You have the feeling of wanting to know what you are doing this year but you also don’t want the year to end. I have made the most amazing friends here and know that even after gradua­tion, the bond that Rollins has given us will always connect us in the future.

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