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Student Profile: Roxy Szal

Hometown: New Hope, Pa. (right outside Philadelphia)
Major: Political Science
Minor: Philosophy

Random Fact: I leave my toothbrush in the sink after I brush my teeth; I didn’t even realize it till my roommates pointed it out to me.  Also, I am irrationally addicted to my planner!

What activities have you been involved with at Rollins over the years?
I’ve done a lot around campus! My days are packed: once you start, it’s hard to stop. I was a Peer Mentor last semester, and I liked it so much, I did it again this semester! I’m also a tour guide; I’m on the executive board for my sorority, Chi Omega; I’m involved in Amnesty International; I volunteer around campus (both for my sorority and for OCE); and I babysit for two families in Winter Park.

What was your favorite Rollins experience?
The new member process in my sorority made second semester of freshman year my best semester of college so far. Bid day was my favorite experience because of all the excitement and everything I knew was ahead of me.

What should every student do before leaving Rollins?
Go to the Puppy Spot on Colonial!

What do you plan to do after you graduate?
Make a difference in some way: I am interested in working at a nonprofit or an NGO [nongovernmental association]. Maybe I’ll go to law school? No matter what, I have to live somewhere where I can run outside all year round!

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