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Student Story: Remembering Dean Erdmann

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I met Dean Erdmann three years ago on my first visit to Rollins as a sophomore in high school. I vividly remember the speech he gave to prospective students about what it takes to get into Rollins using weights and a scale as a metaphor. He would say that, sure grades are a big part about getting in, but to really tip the scale in your favor you have to explain something that is special or unique about you in your application. He wanted to know your passion in life. You could tell by the way he talked about Rollins and the students that he loved it here and that he loved his job. I visited the campus three more times before getting my acceptance letter. Each time I came to visit he always made a point to stop and say how happy he was to see me again. He had a way of making individuals feel wanted by a school.  At the same time he conveyed his high expectation that students should actively participate and engage in the Rollins community. The last time I saw Dean Erdmann was at the Alfond Inn during move-in day. He was talking to a group of adults, but the second he saw me he immediately walked over and gave me a hug and said, “I am so happy to see you are becoming part of the Rollins community.” Dean Erdmann’s passion and dedication to Rollins over the decades will continue to influence so many individuals including myself, now a freshman Tar.

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