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The Beatles Make Their iTunes Debut: No Big Deal

“The Beatles. The band that changed everything is now on iTunes.” Nov. 16 marked the release of every Beatles album onto the popular online music store. iTunes built up the suspense to music purchasers, with a message on its homepage announcing that a surprise was coming their way that next Tuesday. Millions checked back then to find that The Beatles were “finally” on iTunes. People see this as a milestone in music history—without them there would be no iTunes.

The Beatles changed music forever, so does that mean that by putting their music in the iTunes store, iTunes would change forever? I personally think this hype and excitement is unnecessary now, as The Beatles first made their debut into the world of music in 1960.

It is now 2010, and our music Billboards consist of popular artists such as Taylor Swift and Kanye West. Although iTunes appeals to music lovers of all ages, many being die-hard Beatles fans, The Beatles have been around for many years and truehearted fans already own all or the majority of their albums.

Does iTunes really think that those fans have been waiting since 1960 to purchase their music? It is true that technology has advanced drastically since then, as our world of music has moved from vinyl records to CDs, and later CDs to MP3s, but these changes do not prevent fans from listening to their old records and CDs.

Computers nowadays may not have a spot for one of your old vinyl records, but you are able to insert any compact disc you choose and import the songs on it into your iTunes library from there.

Therefore, people who want to listen to The Beatles on their iPod or computer can easily put Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band into to their computer and enjoy. “I wonder if it’s just so late to the party that it becomes kind of a nonevent,” says Russ Crupnick, an analyst with the marketing research company NPD Group. “If you’re a real Beatles fan, would you have lost patience a couple of years ago and simply ripped your albums to your iPod?”

There have been countless alternate methods in obtaining The Beatles’ music before their iTunes debut as well. In addition to their CDs and records, alternative media sources such as LimeWire and Rhapsody have had The Beatles’ music available long before iTunes.

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