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The Five People You’ll Meet in Olin

With finals looming ahead, we prepare to storm Olin Library ready for battle. This is obvious: it is the home of some of the coziest spots and best resources on campus. While you may come in with the intent to slay that final draft, a few of your classmates have different plans.

The socialites:
You know them when they walk in the door: they sashay in with their adorable decaled Mac books and reusable water bottles. They find their “study group” just so they can chat about their super hard assignment, but never actually put any effort into it. It’s Club Olin for the Socialites all school year long, not just during finals. They can easily be ignored with headphones.

The scenesters:
They are the students who buy coffee from the Bookmark Café and sit with their laptops open clicking away. Don’t be fooled by their pseudo-productiveness: he or she is actually updating their Tumblr, not slaving over that 10 page paper due in the morning. They only want to be seen at Olin because, you know, the dorm room is too mainstream. Don’t be upset that you aren’t as cool as them. I know. It’s hard.

The friend who sees you working but doesn’t care:
You finally get into the flow of creating your outline, and then that one friend comes up. It’s the friend who has to give you every detail of last night’s party, from picking out the right outfit to vomiting in front of Sutton. You didn’t get to go because, like the good student you are, you’ve been working in the library all weekend. You have the urge to tell them you have to get your assignment done, but he or she keeps going. You chime in every once and awhile to show you’re not ignoring said friend, but this person’s only objective is to be heard. Instead of fighting, save and close your document. You’re going to be here awhile.

The crunch time kid:
It is always time for finals for this student. They pace around the lobby, type really fast, guzzle coffee like they have to stay up forever. The crunch time kid is in a perpetual state of stressed out, and it is contagious. If you follow their movements too long, you will also become distraught, even if you’re writing your research paper a week in advance. Do not ask what they are working on. You will hear every assignment they ever did.
My advice is to stay far away. Leave the library if need be. You don’t want to take on this energy. Also, don’t have too much pity on Crunch Time Kid: he or she is probably a notorious procrastinator.

The sleeper:
Do not wake them up. The Sleeper probably just pulled an all-nighter and they need those precious two seconds of slumber before their big presentation. If you’re upset by snoring, move. They’ve had a rough night. Honestly, with the new renovations, it’s kind of hard to stay awake on those plushy couches. I dare you to keep your eyes open the entire time you’re on one.

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