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Tis’ the Season to Give Back

As the end of the semester approaches, students are cramming for finals, working hard to get some extra cash for Christmas gifts, and getting into the holiday spirit. After a long and stressful semester, its easy to see why giving back may be last on some students’ to-do lists. But for others, it may be something to think about this holiday season.

With the economy remaining in poor condition, many families continue to be left out in the cold, and it’s important for students, especially here at Rollins where we are blessed with so many opportunities, to take a step back and reach deep within ourselves to find the resources to give. Whether it be an inspiration to give back through volunteer work, or feeling compelled to give a couple bucks to your favorite charity, everything this season, and really every day, counts.

As Rollins students, we are exposed to a lifestyle some people can only dream of—the school is even nicknamed “Rollins Country Club.” We go to a school that has the luxury of a valuable education as well as endless amenities, yet somehow we so easily forget to give back. Sure, we have SPARC Day, Immersion trips, or the many Greek organizations who volunteer with their specific philanthropies. But do we really give back? More importantly, are our motives for giving back sound? This is something that I have been struggling with as a student here, and I find it common amongst my peers that many people have such a negative mentality when it comes to volunteering. We do the work that is required, only what scrapes us by, and  we often dread doing it. Even I have often felt apprehension towards volunteer work on some occasions, for the sake of it being inconvenient to me or undesirable work, yet I sit here and reprimand my peers for feeling the same way. Sure, there are the occasional few who have maintained a strong passion for giving back, but I think it is safe to say that many do not feel this way. With the holiday season almost in full swing, I think it is important as a student body to get together and really give back to our community.

For those of us who wish to participate in volunteering on a regular basis but do not have time to join a sorority or fraternity or attend the required meetings for some clubs that participate in regular volunteer work, its difficult to find an outlet.  If we can do this work with many of our peers, the work becomes even more enjoyable and beneficial for the community. After all, we have so many other opportunities on campus, why not add one as beneficial as giving back to our community to the list, especially during the holiday season, where families and communities struggle even more to stay afloat.

As sad as it is to know that the holiday season is one of the few inspirations for us to give back, it is important to remember that no matter the source of inspiration, we should always embrace it, share that inspiration with our peers, and hopefully, continue to feed off of that inspiration throughout the year and make an even larger impact on our communities.

So as we all part ways for winter break and enjoy the holidays with our friends and families, we should keep those who are not as fortunate as us in mind, and find some ways to give back. If you’re interested in giving back this season, or any season, check out the following Central Florida organizations, or find some in your own area on

Central Florida Organizations:

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