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Wardrobe necessities for Florida weather

Stocking your closet for life in Florida must be carried out with a certain amount of strategy. On cold mornings, you can be assured that there will be a 20-degree shift in temperature within just a few hours. On hot days, it feels as if you will die of heat stroke, even in short shorts and a tank top, but bare skin on a hot day means risking terrible sunburns. It seems there is rarely a happy medium.

An issue with compensating for the heat outside is that most people crank up the air-conditioning inside, resulting in constant shock as you go inside or outside. Cardigans help with that issue, as do zip up sweatshirts.

Jean shorts are another must. Shorts are the best because they go with everything, are comfortable, and keep you cool. Flip-flops are always a part of Florida attire, as well. Though they are a bit cliche for Floridians, they truly are a godsend. They are quick, easy to put on, easy to take off, are comfortable, and keep your feet cool, which, usually helps lower the rest of your body temperature.

Sunglasses are vital too; even for those who are not sensitive to sunlight, the Florida sun will make your eyes burn on a cloudless day. So, carrying a pair of sunglasses everywhere you go—even in the winter—is advised. Hats are a comparable substitute, though they have the detrimental side effects of hat hair and uncomfortable heat.

For winter, light sweaters are good, as are long-sleeved clothes in cotton and other fabrics that breathe. Leather jackets are great too, as they keep out the humidity on cold mornings. On rainy days, that leather jacket may come in handy too, and it may be a good idea to have a rain coat for the occasional torrential downpours. Shoes that are uncomfortable when wet are never a good idea any time of year in Florida, which is part of why rubber flip-flops are a favorite, despite their unattractive appearance. If you hate cold, wet feet, try investing in a pair of rain boots; even the Rice Family Bookstore carries rain boots.

The classic tank top is always a necessity, especially if you want something strictly for comfort you should pick up some cotton camisoles or tank tops. If you want to be a bit more fashion forward, Park Avenue shops carry some of the most adorable tank tops, in every style imaginable. Rompers and dresses are also great for your closet.

In the summer, a little sundress with sandals will keep you looking cute and feeling comfortable; while in the winter, the same little dress can be paired with boots, tights, and a leather jacket to keep you warm on the cooler days.

One of the great things about Florida is that you have the chance to wear your staple outfits all year around. Though it can be frustrating when planning for the ever-changing weather, the ability to wear “seasonal” clothing all year creates a unique, interesting aesthetic for Florida residents, which can be a joy to indulge in.

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