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Wellness Center hosts Fresh Check Day

The Wellness Center staff and student interns have been at work all summer planning events for the upcoming school year.  One of the first big events of the semester, Fresh Check Day, happened on Tuesday, September 12. To encourage the maintenance of good mental and physical health for both new and returning students, Tars were asked to stop by various booths on Bush Lawn. Participating students  were given survey cards to be stamped at each table which were then exchanged for prizes at the end, which ranged from a ‘stress star’ to a free t-shirt.

img_4469-2The event was meant to serve as a sort of check-in to encourage good mental, emotional, and physical health in students, and various organizations such as the Student Athletic Committee, the Psychology Honors Society, and Rollins Spectrum tabled at the fair.

Student organizations, like the SAAC (Student Athletic Advisory Committee) spoke out about various ways in which one may seek to de-stress during the school year. One activity that students could participate in at the fair was a Suicide Prevention Tree, where students wrote down various reasons that they, personally, would choose life.  Responses were anonymous and ranged from “family” to “friends” to “my little brother” to “parents” and “pets.”

img_4470Overall, it was a successful event with more than one hundred students in attendance. One lucky student even won a 32-inch LED HDTV that was raffled off among participants.  For those a little less lucky, we can look forward to seeing students wearing the neon orange Fresh Check t-shirts around campus for the remainder of the semester.

The Wellness Ambassadors and the Wellness Center will be planning several other events throughout the coming year. A few events students can look forward to in the near future include the Tars Tailgate that will take place on Sept. 21, prior to the men’s soccer game at 7 p.m. that night, and a Consent Week kissing booth to come later in October.

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