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West End Girl Takes Paris

Paris holds the key to my heart! (Insert music here)

The most exciting thing has happened! I’ve departed from my home here in London and come face-to-face with the Eiffel Tower. The culture, the lights, the food, the shopping, the sights, the food and-did I mention the food?–envelops you the moment you walk off the Metro. It’s so surreal to be in a place that I’ve only dreamt about and seen on a postcard.

The first day, we began with a tour of the infamous Louvre Museum, which one simply must save three days to actually thoroughly explore. Our group finished later in the day at a street café that served baguettes and warm cheese toasts (pricey, but of course, worth it!). There’s something so neat about sitting at a café table outside and watching the world pass you buy in the city of romance and beauty. Of course, there’s no better way to end your day then to dance the night away at Moulin Rouge!

Our second day was just as exciting, with a boat tour and a tour of Notre Dame. The massiveness of this cathedral is unsurpassed and the architecture and detail leaves you awestruck the minute you enter. No day is complete without a little shopping to satisfy, especially when you are in the capital of fashion. That night, we went to the very top of the Eiffel Tower and got more than a few dazzling photo opportunities. When you are up at the top encapsulated by the beauty around you, you can’t help but feel blessed and enthralled by the sights.

The final day gave a city perspective, one from the highest point in Paris. Not only did we explore street markets and street art, but we got a sense of what the locals do. To top it off, we visited the infamous Laduree macaroon shop and patiently waited for twenty minutes to pick our prized desserts. Not long after, we said Oeuvre and departed by train back home to London. Once I arrived back, I was still elated from the weekend adventure and was even more excited to share it with you all! Now I have memories which will be with me for a lifetime and I can relive Paris, which now holds my heart.


West End Girl

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