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President Grant Cornwell’s response to upholding the non-discrimination policy

December 4, 2018

Editor’s note: For more information and coverage on the issue President Grant Cornwell is addressing, please see the bottom of this article.  Thank you for your patience and participation as we have endeavored to navigate the tricky issues surrounding the recognition of evangelical Christian student organizations and our nondiscrimination policy.           The questions at stake on […]

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Six things I learned from Irma

September 21, 2017

1 Nature can gather itself into forces that dwarf human concerns, things, and plans.  It doesn’t really care about our schedules, projects, or priorities.  It can be sublime in the scope of its power: awe-inspiring and frightening even as it is wondrous.  Nature can destroy what it creates and create anew what it has destroyed. […]

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President lauds student engagement in light of recent controversy

April 13, 2017

Dear Students, The academic integrity of your college has been called into question of late by spurious digital media posts and the social media virus that ensued.  I write to share some of what I have learned, and what I would urge you to consider. I learned that you care deeply about your college, its […]

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The Ethics of Liberal Learning

August 29, 2016

One of the biggest transitions you are going through right now is the change from living in a family to living in a community.  There are some similarities between the two: there will be playfulness, a sense of belonging, loyalty, and, of course, conflicts.  But the differences between the two are very significant. Rollins is […]

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No Confidence Vote – President Duncan’s Statement

March 28, 2013

[information]On March 21, the Faculty of Arts & Sciences voted for a resolution of “no confidence” in President Lewis Duncan, the first instance in Rollins history.    For complete coverage of this story, review the following articles: The Sandspur’s initial coverage of the no confidence vote including a podcast with Vice President of the Faculty Dr. Dexter Boniface. […]

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