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From London With Love

Have you ever wanted to visit Buckingham Palace? Enjoy some tea and crumpets? Wander around Trafalgar Square? Well, thanks to the International Program, that opportunity is available!

Right now, a handful of Rollins students are enjoying the fall semester in London, England. The Office of International Programs, located in the International House near the tennis courts opposite Elizabeth Hall, offers an array of international experiences during the semester, the summer and even winter break.

For the semester, students have the opportunity to study in Australia, China, Greece, Brazil, Morocco, Japan and France, to name a few.

Worried you would not be able to afford to study abroad? Luckily, the same tuition that is applied to your regular semester at Rollins can instead go toward the amount it costs to study somewhere else in the world. This also means that financial aid and scholarships would count toward your study abroad funding.

Students have found the opportunity to study abroad to be a valuable part of their Rollins experience, as it enhances their knowledge of the globe and other cultures.

Nicholas Bowers ’12, currently in the study abroad program in London, had this to share with The Sandspur:

The Sandspur: How are you enjoying your study abroad experience so far?

Nicholas Bowers: It’s an amazing experience that everyone should have. I think every single person here is enjoying it as much as me.

TS: What made you choose England?

NB: Originally, it was between England and Australia, because I didn’t really want the added stress of speaking in another language for an entire semester (science and math guy, not so much a language guy). While Australia seems more exotic, England would give me a better opportunity to travel all around Europe. Plus, there was an internship program in London, so that just sealed the deal.

TS: Tell us about one cool thing that has happened to you out there!

NB: One cool thing? I don’t even know where to start. We went out to party one night, ended up unknowingly at a gay bar in downtown, and still had 100 times more fun than any of us have had at Roxy.

TS: How have you adapted to the culture?

NB: Culture shock isn’t a huge deal from America to England, but there are definitely oddities. With London’s complicated street system, to this day, none of us know which way to look when we cross.

TS: What is your favorite thing to do there on the weekends?

NB: Travel, party, sightsee, experience.

TS: Would you recommend the London Study Abroad program?

NB: Absolutely.

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