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In honor of alumni weekend we at The Sandspur decided to go digging through our archives and see what the hot commodities on campus were 50 years ago. What we ended up finding was a striking article from the Sandspur staff imploring the Rollins community to stand up and fight for our on campus publications. Below are excerpts from the piece that alumni may remember and students may find compelling.

Rollins used to have four on-campus publications. The Sandspur is the only remaining of the four mentioned in the piece. Do not let journalism die out on this campus. Read The Sandspur and support your school now and forever.

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  1. Hi — I attended Rollins 52-54 as Edwina Martin. I’m now writing a book that has a chapter set at Rollins in the 50’s and recall that I wrote a feature for the Sandspur about our trip with MATS to Iceland one Christmas. Is that copy still around? And maybe someone remembers the name of the musical that year?
    Thanks so much for your attention. Edwina

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