Letter from the Editor-in-Chief to the class of 2019

Allow me to be another one of many to welcome you to Rollins College: Welcome.

This school is everything and nothing that you thought that it was going to be, as I suspect most colleges are.

As you already know, Rollins is a small school. But it can feel large (especially at first), which can be daunting and overwhelming. What makes this place feel smaller is finding where you belong on campus, whether it be a club, a friend group, greek life, or whatever makes you happy.

I love to write, a passion that brought me to The Sandspur where I remain two years later.
It is not easy to adjust to something that is different from anything you have ever known, so allow me to give you some advice: Don’t be impatient, and try everything you can.

Do different activities, talk to new people, get to know your professors, go off campus. Take advantage of every opportunity until you finally find the place and the people that make you love Rollins.

Then continue to explore. Don’t get comfortable once you have found your place. It is possible to have multiple places you belong, and Rollins has a lot to offer.

Give it time, try everything you can, and you will find your anchor.

Micah Bradley

Micah Bradley

Micah Bradley 17' is a native of Nashville and an English major at Rollins College. She has other published work with <a href="http://nashvillepublicradio.org/blog/author/micahbradley/">WPLN Nashville Public Radio</a>.

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