Progressive Dinner Unites Residential Organizations

What is a progressive dinner? These two words generate images of men marching upon a bountiful meal with the intent to arouse change and cause progression.

While it is possible that back in the day the Progressive Party held all-out dining events, on the Rollins campus a progressive dinner is something quite different. A typical progressive dinner involves several organizations coming together to provide different foods at each of their locations. All groups start at one point and, stopping at each following site to sample the foods provided and, well, progress, they slowly make their way back around.

On Sept. 15, fraternity and sorority organizations along with Residential Organizations (ROs) on campus created their own version of a progressive dinner. At the Safari-themed dinner students, led by house managers, traveled throughout the campus and ended up at Mowbray Sustainability House. The Sustainability House is a new RO on campus where, according to the Rollins website, “Five EcoRollins students and sustainability coordinators spent their summer preparing the 2,800 square-foot Mowbray Sustainability House for a sustainable fall semester.”

Because of the green initiative that has recently struck campus, it seemed only appropriate that this progressive dinner end with a sustainable meal. There, everyone came together to eat a meal made from locally grown food, helping local farmers and the economy.

House manager of Chi Psi, Colby Loetz ’11, said about the event, “I think the dinner went off without a hitch. The one downside was that we had invited faculty to the dinner and we were bummed that more didn’t show up. Other than that, the food was great.”

Loetz went on, “The best part was being at Mowbray House and listening to live music, free Jeremiah’s ice cream, and just getting to hang out there and mingle with other organizations.”

Overall, the event was successful and had a high number of attendees from organizations on campus. Events like this are a great way to engage the community and allow different groups to come together for a common reason.

“We aren’t doing any more progressive dinners this year because this is an annual event. However, it’ll definitely happen again next fall,” Loetz said.

If this sounds like an event you would like to be a part of, simply join a residential, fraternity or sorority organization and prepare to be progressive.

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