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Rally Rollins Reconnects Campus

On Nov. 5, All Campus Events (ACE), Alumni Relations and the Athletics Department came together to run the second annual Rally Rollins. The Rally kicked off at 8 p.m. in the Alfond Sports Center with the evening’s host, Tonya Aaron ’13, running up and down the length of the gym, pumping up the crowd to get them in a more spirited mood.

Along with music and a constant stream of amusing banter between Aaron and the assembled Tar supporters, there was also a performance from the Rollins Dance Team and a special showing of the winning videos from the Great Connections Student Video Contest. ACE also played a video that its members created which depicted Rollins athletics over the course of its 125 years as an institution.

Assistant Director of Student Involvement and Leadership Jerrid Kalakay explained that the idea of a Rollins rally had been in the works for three years and this particular event had taken three months of planning. Of course, he and the other members of ACE added that this year’s Rally Rollins had the extra responsibility of joining the rest of the school in helping Rollins to celebrate its 125th birthday. “We just wanted to celebrate 125 years of sports, athletes, history and pride,” ACE member Katie Powell ’12 said before the Rally began.

It was quite the celebration, complete with a tribute to the senior athletes and multiple rounds of spirit games, during which individuals and classes competed for different prizes. Nate Burns ’13 won the individual dance contest (and two Orlando Magic tickets!), while the class of 2014 was victorious in out-spiriting everyone else in the gym.

“This is to get people excited about being a part of Rollins,” another ACE member added. To help excite the students and their families, various members of ACE and other helpers ran through the crowd, tossing around blue and gold pompoms and the traditional Tar hats. To finish off the evening, comedian Jeff O’Shea took the stage and provided ample humor for Rally attendees. All in all, the second Rally Rollins was a success; the crowd cheered the whole time and needless to say, everyone enjoyed themselves. Kalakay’s closing comment was just as spirited as the actual rally. “With Rally Rollins, we are celebrating our wonderful 125 year history and the promise of Rollins tomorrow,” he said.

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