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Rollins Has Rhythm

On Sept. 9, the Office of Multicultural Affairs invited Jason Isla and his company, Giving World Percussion, to the Rollins campus. This facilitated drum circle event was a unique opportunity for Rollins students, as they were given a drum and taught to follow the beats of Isla and his crew.

Isla has been playing music his whole life, but it was only after a trip to Africa that he was introduced to the drums. There, he started a weekly drum circle and has since brought it to America with Giving World Percussion.

Isla claims that there are many benefits to drumming. He says drumming actually produces white blood cells and helps fight disease; he even visits cancer patients to help them feel better.

I found the drum circle to be a great and interesting experience that helped me ease some stress from my week. It is a fun activity that anybody can do. “Everyone has rhythm,” said Isla.

There will be monthly drum circles in front of the Campus Center for the rest of the school year. The next one will be Oct. 18.

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