Familiar faces in an unfamiliar setting

October 27, 2016

After living and travelling in England for almost eight weeks, we compare and contrast our international experiences with our lives in America more and more. Since both of us have lived in the States our entire lives, coming to Britain has definitely been a change—even though it’s not as radically different as some other countries […]

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A frontline report of Fresher’s Week

October 20, 2016

Think Rollins has an intense orientation week for incoming freshmen? Nope. Nope, not at all. We Americans are tame in comparison to the English tradition of Fresher’s Week. We were taken by surprise at how hard England goes when it comes to welcoming new students, but I guess our first hint should have been the […]

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Around London in eight days

October 5, 2016

Mind the gap. Actually, just mind London in general. Unless, of course, you have slowly been gaining study abroad experience like we have and are totally ready to tackle London head-on (not really, but, we tried). So, what exactly is up with London? We’ve heard about this city all our lives. It’s written on all […]

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The wonders of wandering in a foreign country

September 22, 2016

“Not all who wander are lost,” said famous British writer and all around awesome guy J.R.R. Tolkien. Well, guess what? Sometimes you get very, very lost. Or, you surprisingly don’t get lost and end up at a meeting point an hour before you are supposed to be there. Either way, wandering is definitely something that […]

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Tales from Tokyo and Lancaster

September 1, 2016

Sandspur staff share their tales from abroad. Tokyo, Japan Nicolas Nagaoka, Writer Never fly during typhoon season. I never thought that statement would have been the first lesson of my time spent studying abroad. I did not know what to expect from study abroad, but I was nervous and tired when I began my journey. […]

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