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Winter With the Writers returns for Spring 2017


As the 8th president of Rollins College, Hamilton Holt established Winter With the Writers as an idea to support the literary arts and those thriving within them. Since 1927, Rollins College has hosted Winter With the Writers to support and showcase the lives of different authors across the country.

The buildup to an author’s arrival is spent preparing for their presentations. Within the Rollins English department, many of the professors will purposefully use some of the incoming authors’ works as class material to spark interest in the authors’ canons.

Rollins also encourages the Winter Park community and the rest of Central Florida to attend talkbacks. The goal for Winter With the Writers is to encourage and celebrate literary experiences throughout the United States.

Winter With the Writers is directed by Professor Carol Frost, an established and writer, poet, and professor at Rollins College. Carol Frost books authors and hires around fifteen interns from the student body each year to participate in the program.

For 2017, Sianna Boschetti ‘18, Joy Camacho, Martin Cardenas ‘17, Caitlin Cherniak ‘17, Michael Dulman ‘17, Ingrid Egeli ‘17, Iman Gareeboo ‘17, Alexandra Holt ‘17, Shunaita Kabir ‘18, Morgan McConnell ‘18, Alexandra Mariano ‘17, Juan Diego Medrano ‘17, and Katherine Stefanski ‘17 have all been chosen to help facilitate Winter with the Writers.

Morgan McConnell said, “There is a lot to look forward to this semester! My fellow committee members and I will be responsible for updating the WWW Facebook page and writing articles for the festival’s website.”

They will update followers with upcoming events like Q&As, awards that incoming writers win, and when authors will be presenting on campus. All of the interns are looking forward to different writers coming; becoming an intern allows students the opportunity to meet the many writers, some of which they may already admire. McConnell stated that she is looking forward to Susan Orlean because she has been a large admirer of Orlean’s work.

For the 2017 semester, Susan Orlean will be joined by Peter Meinke, David Kirby, Chris Abani, Jay Hopler, and Chris Bachelder in the February WWW lineup.

All are accomplished: Jay Hopler and Chris Bachelder were finalists in the 2016 National Awards; Susan Orlean is a New York Times bestselling author; Peter Meinke “is Poet Laureate of Florida,” meaning the Florida Council of Arts and Culture chose him to promote writing and interest in literature statewide. Susan Orleans will kick off Winter With the Writers on Feb. 2.

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