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Winter With the Writers welcomes distinguished authors

This winter, Rollins College brings back the highly-esteemed and most-awaited event of the season, Winter With the Writers. This year’s carefully-selected panelists include a diverse expanse of writers, poets and book finalists who have traveled around the globe to share their knowledge and stories with the Rollins community.

Winter With the Writers started in 1927 as an expansion of the Animated Magazine founded by Rollins 8th president, Hamilton Holt, and continued with the introduction of Jessie Rittenhouse, then-editor of the New York Times. As a result of this introduction, the series has continued for over a span of forty years.

As it has grown, Winter With the Writers has allowed for Rollins as a community and an institutional body to cultivate long-lasting documentation and memories of writers, poets, actors, and more for years to come. These include our collections of works such as Walt Whitman’s papers or the staging of some of Zora Neale Hurston’s plays. Additionally, Winter With the Writers offers masterclasses and readings open to the community, students, and faculty at Rollins College and the greater Winter Park area, bridging the gap between academia, literary, and media culture.

This winter, Rollins will welcome Antonio Skármeta, our own Dr. Phillip Deaver, Chase Twichell, and National Book Award Finalists Sy Montgomery and Ross Gay. With the diligent work of director and poet Carol Frost and 14 hand-selected student interns, Rollins is striving to make this year’s Winter With the Writers festival a success.

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