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A Mere Experience

This column will be about how I, Amir Mazyar Sadeh, see things. I can promise you nothing but my honesty and truth. Some weeks, it will be light, corny, and hopefully a bit fun. Others will be more serious…a bit heavier. But that’s the essence of life, you know? The bad is there so one can later appreciate the good. Whether or not that is true is open to discussion. But, at least by the end of the page, you’ll know what I think.

When you start a column, the biggest hurdle is figuring out how you’re going to start it. What do you want to say? What should your readers expect? What do YOU have to offer that is different and worth telling that other people just aren’t?

A professor of mine came into class on the first day, sat down, and proclaimed: “We will start the first class in the way we want to set the tone for the rest of the year.” We proceeded to jump head first into a 2 ½ hour discussion on eugenics, genetic engineering, and performance enhancement. Not a bad way to start an Honors Seminar.

With that sentiment in mind, let’s jump right in:

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Semisonic may have never been a “household name,” but boy, did they know how to write a song. Being a senior and having recently turned 21, “Closing Time” has become the anthem for this point in my life. While I’ve always loved this song, it has never been as pertinent as it has now.

My life, like the majority of my peers, is rapidly changing. Each day is one step closer into, well, you know the cliché. Whether its law school, med school, grad school, or gainful employment, life as we got used to will be over real quick.

While freshman may love the freedom that college brings, I don’t think anyone truly begins to appreciate this moment in their lives until one realizes it’s almost over. Yes, while I’m fully aware that it’s only October and I still have loads of time left, my Fulbright application, thesis advisor, and parents all beg to differ.

Here’s an example: You’re finishing up the final classes for your major and now you have some freedom in your schedule. It’s the last chance you have to take that creative writing course you always wanted or maybe that improv course you’ve thought about but never had the time for. It may sound a bit ridiculous, but I highly recommend taking that one fun class you put off until now. Let’s be honest: When’s the next time you’re going to be able to justify watching films from the 80s or reading comic books as “work?”

Some may argue it’s too soon to start feeling nostalgic. Yet already we have become inundated with “This is our last…”: “This is our last Welcome Back Party at Roxy!,” This is our last Bright and Tight!,” “This is our last [insert any other Mitch Buchanonn/Jay Gatsby event going on downtown, that you will totally blackout at and won’t remember anyway.]” Now, you may be skeptical of these examples. Understandably so. What I’m trying to say is that these are the last times you will get to party with these people on a regular basis. Get a little bit stupid and make mistakes with these people. Quite simply, these may be the last times you get to drink with the amazing friends you’ve made. And soon, it’ll be Winter Break, then Fox Day, and then Commencement. So while it might not be very soon, it’s still just around the corner.

After that, I have no idea. My original plans have changed drastically, and I won’t be surprised if they change again. That’s the nature of the beast. Reminding myself that this is completely normal is key. With the end of Rollins comes the beginning of a whole plethora of opportunities, adventures, and experiences just waiting in the wings. But first, my time at Rollins must end. Hmm…so that’s what that line means.

“Closing Time” is not the song you play after you cross the finish line. It’s a reminder for you to celebrate right before the end of the race. We still have tons of time. But all the doors are opening and it’ll be our time to go into the world. Like a last call. I hope you have found a few solid friends. Because while you don’t have to go home, you sure as hell can’t stay here.

The opinions on this page do not necessarily reflect those of The Sandspur, its staff or Rollins College.

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