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Sustainability Column: Zero Hunger

Graphic by Ella Niren

For the month of September, the Rollins Sustainability Program is focusing on action towards the United Nations’ second Sustainable Development Goal: Zero Hunger. On a global scale, the UN aims to end hunger by achieving food security, improved nutrition, and sustainable agriculture. 

Our main event this month will be our Food Drive from the 21st to the 23rd of September. Food donated to the drive will go to three local food banks. Our first partner, Second Harvest Food Bank, works to collect and distribute food from donations to food pantries, soup kitchens, women’s shelters, senior centers, and daycares across Central Florida. One Heart for Women and Children is another Orlando based charity that goes beyond providing food for homeless and vulnerable individuals by also providing hygiene items, clothing, school supplies, and educational and preventative services on life skills, parenting, and drug and alcohol abuse.

We are also partnering with Jewish Family Services in Orlando, a community focused nonprofit that provides food assistance, counseling, life skills programs, and medical transportation services to enhance the quality of life in Orlando communities. During our food drive, you will be able to choose which food pantry you would like your food to go towards through a QR code at the dropoff. 

You can also make small changes in your personal life to help achieve the global goal towards zero hunger. Beyond donating food to food banks, minimizing food waste is extremely important for both people and the environment. Eating local and shopping at farmers’ markets as well as composting food scraps and unusable food not only helps support your local community, but also helps you lower your environmental impact by supporting sustainable growing practices, reducing the emissions associated with transporting food, and eliminating waste in a circular economy. 

If you are looking to volunteer with a local organization that works towards zero hunger, Infinite Zion Farm is a great farming nonprofit. They started up in 2016 as a 20-acre farm in Apopka and began addressing food insecurity in the area by subsidizing organic produce to the South Apopka Community. Infinite Zion Farms has expanded since then and has included an urban garden project in Parramore where they continue to support the community by subsidizing organic, nutritious, and local produce and fresh eggs. The nonprofit is currently looking for volunteers and hiring a part-time Garden Manager at the Parramore farm. 

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