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Babylon, Behold Debuts First EP

The local music scene very rarely turns up a creative force that stands out. One of those rarities is the Winter Haven melodic metal band Babylon, Behold. Babylon, Behold has performed live in local venues in the Winter Haven and Tampa areas and puts on high-energy shows. Babylon, Behold has released their debut EP, The Waste- land Expanse, this March.

The first thing one notices when listening to the EP is its production quality, though the album was recorded and mixed by lead vocalist Forrest Craig in his home studio. The guitar tone is crisp and the vocal lines were recorded with great clarity.

“We’ve gone through two different people before we started recording for ourselves,” Craig said. “The first time we recorded our demo, it was bad quality and we weren’t happy with it. The second time, the guy in charge screwed us over. The third time I gave a shot at it. I learned a lot from the previous encounters, so I had felt I had knowledge to do it myself. A lot of vocal recordings actually went on in a closet! Mainly, we used Cubase, the father program of it all.”

The six tracks on The Wasteland Expanse were based on perceptions of society and of redemption, giving them a serious tone. The lyrics to “Hide My Eyes” speak of not wanting to see the general grimness going on in the world, and “Traveler” portrays a wanderer on a journey he ought not to take. The overall atmosphere is epic.

“Our songs are very broad, not really focused,” continued Craig. “The Wasteland Expanse is how society is viewed, according to our drummer Travis Clark. We worked the artwork after we came up with the name.”

The best songs from the EP are “The Lion’s Den,” a heavy and even progressive piece, and “Traveler,” a melodic metal.

Babylon, Behold sheds some precious light on a Florida music scene that is not oft en varied. The best musicians from the local underground scene rarely get the recognition they deserve.

Metal fans in this area are advised to check out The Wasteland Expanse. More information regarding the album is on the band’s Facebook page.

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