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Best of Winter Park 2014: Campus Life


campus life


The Pillow Room

I promise to be productive. I am going to march in, claim a spot, and get to work. I do not care how comfy my spot is, or how the lighting is perfect for sleepy time, or how blissfully quiet it is. Never mind how the name of the room itself practically entices those who cross the threshold to enter into slumber. I will get this reading done if it is the last thing I do. . .right after I snuggle down into this spot. One hour later, I have accomplished absolutely nothing except a mind-blowing power nap. On to the main floor for tea and conversation loud enough to keep me awake.



New fiat lux entrance

It really is a lovely archway. It frames the tree-lined walkway and highlights the Mills building at the far end. It was also a fantastic spot at which to take Residential Life staff pictures. Why did the traffic light have to move, though? I quite liked the last one as it was directly in front of the parking garage and had a median in the middle so that, in the strange case that should I run out of time while crossing or jaywalking, I would have a spot at which to wait so I could avoid becoming a pancake on Fairbanks. Oh, well. It is very nice to look at.



Cornell Fine Arts Museum

I cannot draw, paint, or do anything creative to save my life; I can, however, appreciate good art when I see it. For the second time in my Sandspur career, I urge Rollins students to, at some point during their time here, visit CFAM. How many other schools can you name off the top of your head that have an art museum like ours? My guess is not very many. They have the kind of art, in both their permanent and temporary collections, which I would pay money to see at bigger, more well-known museums. It is free and open to the public, so you have absolutely no excuse. A little culture never killed anyone.



WPRK 91.5

WPRK is said to be “the best in basement radio.” The radio station itself is actually in the basement of the Mills Building on Rollins campus. Many of the WPRK DJs are current Rollins students, but others are not. Just apply, jump through a couple of hoops, and BAM—you are in. I was lucky enough to co-host a Monday 12-2 p.m. music show slot for the last couple of semesters, and it was an experience I will not soon forget. Venture down to the station to get a look at more CDs than you have probably ever seen in one place before. The room where the station broadcasts from is freezing (it is rumored to be necessary because of the electrical equipment), and it makes the two hour music show slot pretty uncomfortable if you have dressed for Florida weather. Go there, meet cool people, and check out music you have almost certainly never heard before. Tune in to 91.5 FM if you are in town, or go to if you are anywhere with the interweb.



Smoking section between Ward and Elizabeth

The circus comes into town every so often, and when it does, “it’s the greatest show on earth.” While I do not promote smoking, I do promote the area sandwiched between Ward and Elizabeth as a source of entertainment. Picture this: a cab pulls up to the curb; from within the vehicle, a medley of voices infiltrates the night. Never before have you heard “Wrecking Ball” so off-key. Finally, a herd of intoxicated females emerge. Before prancing towards the Grill to grace Ms. Mae with their presence, they loom for a bit to discuss the night’s activities and the people whom they dislike the most. Males? They arrive with sweat-stained button downs and matted hair. As they gradually materialize, an overbearing stench of cologne infects the atmosphere. The male versus male fight is also entertaining. Try counting how many times you hear the word “bro” hollered.



Orlando Hall

For those of you who do not know, Orlando Hall is that sleepy cottage located smack-dab between Diane’s Cafe and Olin Library. This building, usually overlooked and certainly underrepresented, is the residence of English majors, the battleground for the literature credit, and the most popular place for animals to die at Rollins. I am not kidding about this last part. The building is old and filled with many winding passages similar to Hogwarts. When I was a sophomore, a cat crawled into the building and died sandwiched between the walls (poor chap). This was an unpleasant experience on multiple levels and for a variety of people, mainly based on the miserable scent that permeated the old classrooms for months.

But despite the smell, which has faded slowly (I believe they found the animal and removed it), Orlando Hall remains an enchanting part of the Rollins campus with a wonderful courtyard, beautiful windows, and semi-functioning ceiling fans.

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