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Sexperts: big things come in small packages


Admit it. We’re all aware. Society frowns upon relationships that consist of a tall woman and a shorter man.

If I’m honest, I used to be one of the many stereotypical girls with the strong belief that women should always date a man taller than them. I was built upon the alluring and enchanting daydream that one day my very own tall and attractive prince charming would come sweep me off my feet. Personally, I am 5’8. Of course I’m no star NBA player, so I was never ridiculously tall. Nevertheless, I’d always face the dilemma of tremendously desiring a man who was taller than me. In fact, I’d always seem to turn down very sweet and down-to-earth guys because of a restraining genetic that simply, they just couldn’t change. Now, as I tend to look back, I have regrets as to how foolish of a move that was.

As a culture, we are naturally inclined to favor couples that we define as “cute” as a towering man next to his shorter partner. We view the opposite as awkward and unacceptable in regards to fulfilling society’s standards. Let me just state, that when I say “we” I am not speaking for entirely everyone of our generation. It is a generalization. I am very much aware that there are still women who are willing to give shorter men a chance, and aren’t as narrow-minded.

I dare you to go around and ask a variety of stereotypical women why they necessarily tend to exclude short men out of the picture. Their answers typically include “I’ve just never been attracted to them,” or the one I personally love the most –“because I said so.” Yes preference is one thing, but being judgmental is another. Also, if you’re going to have a reason, at least, let it be a good one. I can understand the “I don’t want to be looked at in a freakish or uncanny way.” It’s perfectly normal for girls to fear the looks and glances from their peers or arbitrary people on the streets. But is the necessity to look good as partners and live up to society’s standards an acceptable reason for turning away men who might even be willing to offer a woman exceptionally more than a taller guy would?

We could get into all of the psychological reasons and studies that show why women seem to become turned off, or we could just be straightforward. Self-consciousness is a factor, but so are reasons that stem from evolution. Women tend to go for masculine men who they perceive as dominant and protective – the ones who can assume the position of the big spoon. They associate with these types of men that allow them to feel feminine, secure, and petite. They immediately guys that might be unable to provide this based on their height. Many ladies are just simply misguided by social misconceptions but are unaware that their biases are irrational.

I know plenty of men who are sincere, genuine and are willing to put a woman on a pedestal, if she wanted. Is it fair to them to be ostracized and be frowned upon by women, simply because of height? It’s pitiful to see even online dating has become nothing but a parade of lies that consecutively surround physical appearance. Women have become accustomed to automatically throwing out the “don’t reach out to me if you’re scrawny and under 5’5” line, instantaneously excluding short men as if it was their only goal in life. It is just shameful.

So, I leave you off with this. Girls, stop narrowing your pool of prospective dating partners. Don’t let your bias be a reflection of your character and best of all; don’t let prejudice stand in the way of potentially finding a great partner. I can’t make you change your preferences, but I can at least try to encourage you into giving shorter men a chance. Just to get this out of the way, I have absolutely nothing against tall men. Regardless, they still continue to lie within my preferences but only now, I have overcome the monstrous stereotype known as diminutive height. Although, I do have one last thing to say to the ladies: sometimes, good things come in small packages. Start unwrapping and give them a chance.

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