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Bright Light Social Hour Continues to Satisfy Orlando fans

The band from Austin, Texas returns to Orlando to perform at The Social. Despite some awkwardly placed political statements, the group pleased the crowd and expressed their affection towards the city.

Maybe you remember them from Fox Fest last spring because of their awesome music and killer long hair. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to once again see the band Bright Light Social Hour perform. Their performance on March 5, 2014 took place in downtown Orlando at The Social, a venue that the band filled to near capacity.

The psychedelic rock band originated during 2004 in a southern university in the state of Texas. Each of the four band members are excellent showmen in addition to musicians. I was unavoidably jealous that all members of the band, (all male) had hair much longer than my own. The bassist even wore a headband that I would never have the balls to wear. Then again, I don’t have balls.

In between songs, they made some political comments, which probably only half of the audience grasped. They spoke about their Austin City Limits show when they proudly denounced Rick Perry. At the Orlando show they made jabs at John Boehner and Rick Scott.

They attempted to launch a sing along dedicated to Rick Scott with lyrics of “he’s got all of our god damned money,” but the response of the audience was half-cocked at best. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but before long, I yearned for them to return to the music.

One really special part of the show was the clear bond that members of the band share. The bassist of the band surprised the audience by diving into the crowd backwards with no warning.

There was a moment when audible gasps were heard, but the crowd did not let him fall. They lifted him up and he continued to play as he crowd surfed.

As the audience brought him closer to the stage the keyboardist of the band abandoned his instrument to retrieve the bassist from the crowd. As the bassist reached the edge of the stage, the keyboardist lifted him up and cradled him like an infant. A few minutes later, the guitarist got off the stage and down into the crowd to interact with the audience as well; these guys really knew how to work the crowd.

Bright Light Social Hour has been getting better and better. Their best is yet to come unless they succumb to the rock and roll party lifestyle of drugs and drinking, which seems unlikely as they kicked out their now former keyboardist for “creative differences” last year.

I did notice the drummer slamming a bottle of Jameson, but it didn’t seem to hinder his performance. On the contrary, as the show went on, and he undoubtedly became more sloshed, his performance blossomed.

The band had oodles of raw energy, perhaps because it was the last show of their tour.

On the subject of their impending return to their home state of Texas, the guitarist said, “This is the thing right here man; we are going to go home and sleep in our own beds and it’s going to be weird. And we are going to miss Orlando.” We’ll miss you guys too, man.
Bright Light Social Hour finished their set with what has to be the best ever rendition of Marvin Gaye’s, “Let’s Get it On.” The song felt like the perfect ending to their show and their tour. Bright Light Social Hour is a band you want to go see even if you have to be up early the next day. Find out more about Bright Light Social Hour online at

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