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Brittny Cantor shares post-grad experience

Photo of Brittny Cantor. Provided by Brittny Cantor, Credit: CMcCoyPhotography
Photo of Brittny Cantor. Provided by Brittny Cantor, Credit: CMcCoy Photography

Tars are change-makers; they shine as bright as the Floridian sun with a future as polished as our imported lawn. However, there is only one thing scarier than an empty meal plan, and there is no way to avoid it (we hope): yes, graduating.

Rollins surveys have indicated that students feel uneasy when they take that diploma in hand and are asked to do more than frame it. Getting a job is an uphill battle roughly equivalent to Everest. So, what do we do when the fateful day rolls around for us to roll out of the Campus Center and into the workforce? Maybe we will do the typical thing: get employed, sip mimosas, and rejoice in our direct deposits. However, maybe we will trump our own expectations and start a business. Rollins grads are not trust fund babies and country club owners; we are innovators who just happen to look great in pastels. If you do not believe me, Rollins alumna Brittny Cantor ’10 is a prime example of a blue-and-gold entrepreneur making waves.

Through her Rollins courses, Cantor said, “I was inspired to create value for under-served markets, demographics and companies. I believe the more you give, the more you get.” So, give is exactly what she did, to the wide world of desperate yet distinguished apartment seekers. A Spanish and International Business major, Cantor gained the experience to open her mind and develop her skills in ways that would lead her to her brainchild MyGradPad. MyGradPad allows participants to fill out a profile and receive at least 10 real estate suggestions within 24 hours to be viewed within one day. Most people find their soul-apartment that day. This sidesteps the monotonous and ineffective real-estate hunts familiar to many grads that are too preoccupied with other real-world obstacles. Through her own housing struggles, Cantor noticed and was able to capitalize on something every recent grad needs. Alongside a team that idealizes “respect, appreciation and excellency,” Cantor hopes MyGradPad will expand to assist more millennials looking for a home without a hassle across the United States.

On a more personal note, during our interview, Cantor referenced multiple times her love for international travel and a deep appreciation for other cultures, particularly those of Brazil and Argentina. Not surprisingly, her passport is evidence that she took Rollins “lifelong learning” mantra to heart: “I have taken multiple solo trips to both countries and when you are by yourself, and come face to face with other people’s cultures it gives you a unique perspective.”
When asked how to convert her MyGradPad experiences to a lesson for current students, Cantor noted that “money is not a measure of goodness or worthiness, but rather a measure of how much you provide in value. Appreciate people; when you say thank you, mean it.”

I think we might owe this Tar a thank you when May rolls around and the ’rents are offering a “cozy” accommodation back home with our younger siblings. Yeah, we’re good, Mom. We’ve got this.

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