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Candidate statement: SGA president runs for re-election

Photo by Ingrid Ryan & Daniel Elliott

Daniel Elliott (‘23) and Ingrid Ryan (‘24) are running for SGA president and vice-president, respectively.

Over the past year, we have delivered on our promises from last year’s campaign. From the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion task forces to a more open conversation between students and administration, Student Government Association’s (SGA) presence on campus has only grown because of our intentional efforts to do so. We are proud of the accomplishments of our executive board and senate, as our collaborative environment has only expedited the change-making process we are devoted to.

However, we are far from satisfied.

Our decision to run for re-election is based on the priorities we want to keep pushing for next year. Our re-election campaign is rooted in diversity, equity and inclusion, and focuses on two points: student wellness and financial equity. As the overall mental health of students, faculty, and staff has waned throughout COVID-19, it is clear that emotional well-being has to be prioritized first. We plan to address this through student-faculty coalition building, while focusing on academic burnout and continuing to advocate for a virtual option for ill students. Housing and dining quality is also an issue that we are concerned about as students; additionally, education for faculty regarding accommodations and a safer classroom for students in marginalized groups has increased in importance with fully in-person classes. To these ends, we will continue to advocate for a diversity and inclusion competency.

We also plan to eliminate inconsistencies in COVID-19 policies that diminish mental well-being while ensuring our students and professors are safe in the classroom. 

Additionally, student safety, sexual assault, harassment, and hate crimes are of paramount concern. We plan to address this by creating awareness and resources alongside Title IX, the Lucy Cross Center, and the Center for Inclusion and Campus Involvement (CICI). 

Lastly, financial equity is an initiative we will continue to fight for. We will continue our administration’s efforts, elevating the voices of students by achieving representation on the Board of Trustees and creating an all-college budget advisory board. We want to make sure a Rollins education is achievable for ALL students by continuing the fight for a tuition freeze, lessening the need for students to strain themselves due to fear of the future.

The past two years have taken a toll on our students’ economic, academic, and social wellness. As President, Vice President, and Senator, Daniel has spent the last three years fighting for financially independent students, organizing the March 2020 town hall, passing the Fair Tuition Act, and achieving better budget transparency and financial literacy for students. As the SGA Events Chair, Ingrid has navigated a dynamic pandemic to plan events on campus that build community. She plans to develop an environment that accommodates students to the fullest extent possible. 

Our previous slogan, “The change we need, the voice you deserve,” addressed what Rollins students needed at the time: leaders that elevated the voices of students while adjusting to our ‘new normal.’ Our re-election message this year puts an emphasis on Rollins College as a diverse body, full of voices that need to be amplified to their greatest extent through continued leadership, backed by kept promises and more accomplishments than any student government at Rollins in recent history. It would be our great privilege to continue to lead our community to an illuminating future.

Proven leadership for a new Rollins era.

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