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Can AI predict Fox Day?

With spring break behind us, a new source of excitement is hanging in the air: Fox Day. In an Instagram Reel posted on March 18, President Cornwell officially welcomed students into the Fox Day season.  

Each year, it is common for students to predict what date they think Fox Day will land on. While everyone has their own reasoning or calculations behind their guesses, today’s day and age of technology offers a new avenue of prediction: artificial intelligence.  

In order to see if AI can predict Fox Day, Chat GPT was asked the following questions:  

Q: “When is Fox Day?” 

A: “Fox Day is typically celebrated on April 13th each year at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.”  

Q: “The Fox Day teaser just dropped yesterday. When will it be this year?” 

A: “Fox Day will be on April 1st this year.” 

Q: “Fox Day is an annual event held on a weekday. In 2023 it was on Thursday, April 6. In 2022 it was on Wednesday, April 6. In 2021 it was on Tuesday, April 13. In 2020 it was on Friday, April 17. In 2019 it was on Thursday, April 11. In 2018 it was on Tuesday, April 17. In 2017 it was on Wednesday, April 19. In 2016 it was on Wednesday, March 30. When will Fox Day be this year?” 

A: “Fox Day will be on Thursday, April 6 this year.”  

As one can see, ChatGPT provides different answers dependent on what prompts are given. Of the three answers provided, two of the dates fall on the weekend: April 6 (which is on a Saturday this year, not Thursday) and April 13. The only weekday suggested was April 1; now that that date has come and gone, it’s clear that this prediction was inaccurate as well.  

Although AI may not be the best avenue for predicting Fox Day, we want to hear from you: what are your Fox Day theories? Email your responses to for a chance to be featured. 

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