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Casa Feliz Concert Review

An intimate ambience in an antique setting. Brick walls adorned with Pieta-esque paintings or nature mortes. Dark mahogany bookshelves filled with gold-paged books. Dark-colored wooden chairs facing three large window panes, through which the afternoon sunlight filters in. The sunlight outlining in a white glow the contour of the guitarist’s body, as he smiles kindly to his audience, picks up his guitar, and starts to play. Melodies after stirring melodies arise from the frets of the guitar, as Brian Haye’s fingers climb up and down the instrument. Out comes the rich, warm flavor of Spanish music, or classics like “Moonlight Sonata”, “Habanera” or the “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”. People in the audience cock their heads and smile as reminiscence clouds their eyes,or in approval at a terrific agile feat. An elder lady even bows her head, as a series of quick strums on the guitar reminds her of a particular memory. A small entr’acte  occurs, during which one can stroll around the house to look at the beautiful alcoves and niches filled with antique amphorae and dry climate plants, peruse the black and white photos of Casa Feliz dating from 1933, or gaze at the carefully preserved and charming old kitchen with its small balcony adorned with dark pink flowers. One can talk with the musician, who is resting his aching fingers, wiping away the sweat of his exertion, preparing for his next performance. One can enjoy speaking with him about the tribulations of playing in public, what songs to play – the secret inner workings of a musician’s mind. Such was that soothing Sunday afternoon at Casa Feliz, a valuable landmark in Winter Park established in 1933. Beautiful performances, typically of classical music, occur regularly on Sundays. Bienvenidos! The doors are open to everyone.

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