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Chomp Chomp Pizza

About two months ago in early June, Mark Lipten opened Chomp Chomp Pizza, a pizzeria just a few blocks from campus. This may be the best things to have happened to Rollins.

Chomp Chomp Pizza is located off of West Fairbanks in the plaza next to Ethos Vegan Kitchen. The outside of the restaurant has a few tables and chairs where patrons can enjoy their pizzas in the hot Florida sun.

The inside of the restaurant is modest and not overly decorated except for the vintage looking radio in the corner of the small eatery. However, the underwhelming interior design does not reflect the overwhelmingly deliciousness of the pizza that is served.

The menu is uncomplicated, with a few specialty pizzas such as the Chicken Florentine and the BBQ Chicken as well as a few vegetarian options. All pizzas are served in a small individual size which is both convenient and filling. They are also reasonably priced at no higher than $8 and 50¢ for any additional toppings.

During my visit to Chomp Chomp Pizza, I ordered the Neapolitan (also known as a regular cheese pizza with sauce) with pepperoni. I also added incredibly fresh basil that is completely free of charge! My pizza was prepared in under five minutes thanks to the lightning fast oven that was used and I consumed one of the tastiest little pizzas ever made. It was so simple yet delectable. The cheese worked well with the pepperoni, the basil fantastically complemented the sauce.

In addition to the great food, Chomp Chomp Pizza also has awesome service. My favorite person there was the restaurant’s owner, Mark who makes every pizza by hand!

Mark has a lot of hopes for his pizza place like any small business owner, and I think he has what it takes to have a successful career here in Winter Park. My only critique is that I believe he should offer larger pizzas as well the individual sized ones, because that could open a new demographic of customers for him. Overall, Chomp Chomp Pizza is a wonderfully convenient alternative to the Campus Center, I know that Rollins’ students will definitely enjoy the delicious fresh food and great service.

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