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Disney Princess Fairytale Hall Opens

Up until a few months ago when construction began, the little corner of Fantasyland which now holds Princess Fairytale Hall was home to the attraction Snow White’s Scary Adventures. But September 18, the newest addition to the Magic Kingdom’s new realm Fantasyland opened to the public.

What is the Princess Fairytale Castle? It’s a large castle-style structure jam-packed with princess relics and small details reminiscent of classic Disney princesses as well as some touches from the more modern tales. Once inside the air-conditioned (you’re welcome, parents) world of princesses, there is plenty to look at. There are 6 portraits of the princesses, which were painted specifically for this attraction. In addition, there are many details in the receiving rooms that are reminiscent of princess movies. For example, there are many crowns throughout the waiting rooms built into things like lamps and wall design. More specifically, in each reception room where guests meet princesses, there are sets of princess storybooks. These books are held together in stacks by bookends made as replicas of the ones in Cinderella that the king used to show a couple in love and dancing. According to Jason Grandt, a Walt Disney Imagineer, “When you’re designing a place like Princess Fairytale Hall, no detail is too insignificant”.

In terms of the actual activities that go inside the Princess Fairytale Hall, there could be nothing more exciting for fans of the princesses, new and old alike. The Hall is a meet and greet attraction. According to Grandt, “The first thing guests are gonna do when they visit Princess Fairytale Hall is pick which princess they want to see”. Every day, princesses Rapunzel and Cinderella receive guests in their reception rooms, along with two guest princesses, one which each of the two daily princesses. It is known that Cinderella’s home is the Magic Kingdom, since her castle is one of the main pieces, and recently, Rapunzel’s tower was added to the area, making Fantasyland her home. In terms of what happens when you actually meet with the princesses, I leave that for you to find out, but for a small inside peek, Disney Imaginerr Pam Rawlins says “We’ve set you up as actually being the royal subjects coming to visit these princesses”. Guests have a chance to talk with the princesses about their daily lives, ask them questions, and get pictures and autographs.

So, next time you’re looking to go on an adventure to The Magic Kingdom, make sure that you leave time to go and visit the princesses in their new Fairytale Hall, and make sure to bring your cameras and crowns!!

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