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Letter from the Editor

Everything Real. Everything Rollins.

We have now entered the bleak, dead center of the semester. The work has begun to pile up, yet there is still no shining end of the tunnel in sight. While this time of year can begin to seem absolutely dreadful and positively hopeless, I prefer to look at its sheer stress-filled nature as inspiration to keep moving forward despite having two ten page papers due Friday and a seemingly endless pile of reading to do. As corny as it sounds, having some type of inspiration to get you through the more trying times is really all it takes.

Regardless of having an entire staff of Rollins students facing that same mid-semester slump, our public relations department headed by the always inspired, Lauren Silvestri, is proud to announce The Sandspur’s new tag line and overall motto – “Everything real. Everything Rollins.” This novel saying speaks to our publication’s goal of presenting our college’s unique perspective on everything from music and movie reviews, the sexual conundrums of twenty-something year olds, to politics and campus events.

Being the oldest college newspaper in the state bestows a revered and important mission onto The Sandspur to create a new product each week that is both fascinating to the current student and community member, while also being able to stand the test of time. With such a rich past of successful Sandspur alums to speak of, as well as the Rollins College archives being chock full of historic issues, we feel it vital to the community that we continue our iconic tradition of provocative excellence in journalism.

Lastly, I would like to thank our incredibly dedicated staff that unselfishly work each week as a team to improve our publication, as well as our readers who make our countless hours become tangible rewards. I strongly encourage anyone who wishes to contribute to The Sandspur to do so by submitting articles to and to attend our Monday night meetings, because the college newspaper can only be what a college makes it.

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