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Fashion tips to express holiday spirit

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With the holidays just around the corner, those of us who are big winter fans are bursting with excitement.

Of course, if the corporate world had its way, the winter holidays would have started in early September, but we have all done our best to hold out on the holiday madness at least until Thanksgiving rolled its way through—but now, here we are, right on the cusp of the long-awaited holiday season, and that may beg the question for fashion conscious holiday lovers: how can I express holiday spirit in my clothes?

There are thousands of ways, of course.

If you are the subtle type, just pick up a red or green sweater or something with a subdued snowflake pattern. You could also go for more hidden holiday decor such as ice-inspired earrings and other jewelry.

Shoppers can pick up a pair of snowman earrings or a snowflake necklace at most stores this time of year. Stores like Target, Macy’s, and JCPenny all are stocked with affordable holiday jewelry that shows a bit of spirit while staying sensibly simple.

If you want to do your shopping a bit closer to campus, Alex and Ani, located just a short walk down Park Avenue, has rolled out a collection of holiday-themed jewelry for this season.

Another fun way to sneak a bit of holiday spirit into your everyday ensemble is with holiday-themed socks. I personally have at least seven pairs of fuzzy Christmas-print socks, and I love them to death. You can hide them in your boots or under your favorite pair of jeans. If you are feeling daring, you can flaunt them.

There are also a fair amount of spirited holiday sweaters that are not bright and attention grabbing, unlike the popular ugly holiday season sweaters.
Some are much easier to pull off and do not draw too much attention. Most of these sport subdued blue, white, and gray color palettes depicting reindeer, snowflakes, Christmas trees, winter bells, and so on in a much more ready-to-wear manner.

However, if—like me—you happen to be a bit more boisterous in your expression of holiday spirit, you could go for the full-on ugly Christmas sweater (my personal favorite). You can purchase an ugly sweater at almost any store this season.

Even the Rice Family Bookstore is rolling out a line of holiday sweaters for the occasion. They have ugly sweaters and ugly sweater T-shirts, which retail from $26 to $54. The shirts and sweaters sport Rollins logos next to snowflakes and snowmen and can be purchased in-store or online.

In addition to sweaters, you can go for more obvious holiday accessories, like Santa hats, jingle bell earrings, poinsettia hair clips, shiny bows, Christmas light necklaces; the list goes on and on.

One option, which is more appropriate for Florida, is to invest in some holiday t-shirts printed with pop culture icons like Snoopy wearing a Christmas hat, a decorated Christmas tree, or Jack the Pumpkin King in his Santa suit.

The choices are endless. Personally, I have found ordering via the internet is the best way to go when searching for such shirts. It makes the process much easier, and there are thousands more options online than in-store.

Whether you will experience a tropical holiday season or will be fleeing north to where the true winter weather has hit, there are always ways to add a bit of spirit to your outfits.

However you decide to express your cheer, wherever you may spend winter break, be sure to enjoy yourself and the holiday season!

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